Why Save Animals

Coming up with time and resources to be active in saving animals from unnecessary cruelty or pain is hard. However, there are a lot of ways for one to save animals from suffering and pain without even leaving one’s home.
Positive action is needed to save animals. It requires modification in one’s lifestyle as well as a change in ones general way of thinking. One has to “Think Globally, Act Locally” and know that he is bound with every living things in one ecosystem.
When man learned about nature, he began to get in the way of its laws. For agricultural purposes, he cut off forests and tamed animals of the wilds for his clothing and food. However, although man was able to get the better of nature, he was unable to control it.
In nature, a balance between all living and non-living thing exists and when the natural symmetry is disturbed in any way, ecological disasters are destined to happen. This brings forth the need to save animals. The high demand for industrialization as well as human needs have led to the devastation of wildlife and the forests.
Because most of the world’s forests have been destroyed, climatic changes, pollution, as well as extensive hunting of animals, a lot of wildlife species have become extinct. And when a species disappears, it will be gone forever. This has upset the mechanism of natural balance and regulation and this could result to the endangerment of our very existence.
It is general knowledge that we can assist the environment and save animals with our gardens. Equally essential to being “green” is to be earth friendly and take care of the wildlife around us.
Serious effort has to be made by us, human beings towards campaigns on wildlife conservation. Fortunately, the interest in conservation started in the late nineteenth century. A lot of governments passed laws that concentrated on saving animals as well as setting aside reserves and national parks for wildlife. The US is credited for this as the first conservation area of the world – Yellow Stone National Park, was set up in 1872. Presently, there are more or less 1200 similar parks around the world.
Notable Wildlife Conservation to save animals around the world:
-The Himachal Wildlife Project, was launched in the early 1980s. It is first serious attempt created by Indian conservationists to save animals.
-The IUCN or International Union for Conservation of Nature was established in 1948 in Switzerland.
-WWF was set up in 1962 to give funds for the preservation and conservation of wildlife. About 70% of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) projects have been successful in achieving their targets to save animals.

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